Book Review: 1913: The Eve of War by Paul Ham #emptyshelf

This thankfully was another book that I wouldn’t have known about if it hadn’t been for the #emptyshelf challenge. Someone else read this book as part of their challenge, and I also was able to get a copy of it.

I’m a bit history and historical fiction reader. History, historical fiction and science fiction are about 90% of what I read.

I’ve been rather neglectful over the years about my knowledge about World War I. I could tell you a lot about World War II, but I knew very little about what led to World War I.

Thankfully, 1913 was a great read that has changed that.

1913 is only available in eBook from Amazon. I believe I got it as part of the free lending library, but even if you had to buy it the cost is only $2.99. The book is about 83 pages.

Ham explores the different countries involved in the war and what they were doing in 1913 that led them to War.

One of the most interesting things about the book was how long the countries were preparing for the war and why no one country or one leader seemed willing to do something to stop it from happening.

It’s a quick read, and a good read for anyone interested in what lead to World War I.

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