Update on my 2014 goals

It’s been two months since I put together my list of goals for 2014, and I thought it would be worthwhile to check in and see where I’m at. I plan on doing this again in a couple of months.

Goals for 2014: 

  • Write 500,000 words (this includes this blog, sueannereed.com, my posts on engageyourcause.com and other writing)
    • January was a pretty good month towards my writing goals. I wrote 13k words in January. In February, things kind of went the wrong direction and I only wrote 3,800 words. Part of it was being sick, and part of it was a focus on getting things ready for the Nonprofit Technology Conference. I’m planning on getting back on track in March. I’m going to have to have some really great months over the summer to make up for the slower months I’ve had already. 
  • Launch the Nashville 501 Tech Club meetup and hold at least 6 meetups in 2014
    • No progress on this yet
  • Get more involved in the Nashville nonprofit community
    • No progress on this yet
  • Have at least one speaking engagement that is about my life and not about nonprofits or online marketing
    • On March 13th, this is becoming a reality when I give my Ignite presentation at the 2014 nonprofit technology conference about my life. 
  • Guest blog on at least 2 industry blogs
    • No progress on this yet.
  • Workout at least 3 times a week
    • Other than the weeks I’ve been sick, this has been going well. I actually went 4 times last week, which was a huge accomplishment. 
  • Redesign sueannereed.com and rebrand it as NonprofitsFTW.com
    • No progress on this yet
  • Send at least one personal snail mail note or card per week
    • Of all the things that I’ve had zero progress on, this is the one I feel the worst about. I had a plan, and I just haven’t followed through on it. 
  • Be more productive during work hours and free up
    • I haven’t done as well on this as I would like. Part of it has been due to illness, and I’ve also been so mentally focused on the presentations I’ve been working on. This is another one that I hope to refocus on once I get back from Washington DC this month. 
  • Eat out less
    • I’ve done a really horrible job at this. I consider “eating out” and “ordering in” the same thing, and I continue to do this way too much. When I get back from Washington DC, I really want to set a concrete goal of making this one a reality. 
  • Go on at least one trip that isn’t for a conference or similarly related activity
    • No progress on this yet
  • Deal with the dental issues I’ve been putting off
    • No progress on this yet
  • Read from the Bible at least once a week
    • No progress on this yet
  • Attend church at least 75% of the Sundays during 2014
    • Other than the weeks that I’ve been sick or out of town, this has gone well. I’ve also tried to attend as many of the worship & prayer services my church has been having lately.
  • Find more ways to be involved within the Clarksville community
    • No progress on this yet

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