Don’t take this one life for granted

This past week, the final Grateful Dead concerts have been all over my newsfeed – whether it was the ones in California or the ones in Chicago.

I’ve never been a Grateful Dead fan. No real reason, but I just never got into their music.

However, any mention of the Grateful Dead always conjures up a reminder of a good friend in college who died while travelling home from a concert.

I think of Dan Hallberg a lot. In fact, I’ve written about him on this blog more than once.

When I was driving around Kentucky over the weekend, some thoughts came together as to why he is frequently on my mind. Dan was an amazingly talented writer who also lived the life he was given to the fullest. Whenever I think about my writing or my art and whether or not it makes sense to keep trudging along, I think of Dan and the opportunity he doesn’t have to share his art with the world.

As my friend AJ Leon has frequently said, “This is not your practice life.” Go out there and share what makes you unique with the world.

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