Commitment to blogging …

So, you may or may not have seen the post last week about me launching a new genealogy blog.

One of the new things about that blog is that I’m committing to posting something Monday – Friday.

Since genealogy is still mostly just a hobby and not making me any money, I wanted to find a schedule that would allow me to do this and yet not take up a huge chunk of time that wouldn’t be sustainable over time.

So, what I decided to do is break it down into different ideas for different days.

Mondays – I’m going to posting obituaries. Most of these that I post aren’t available online anywhere and will be a good opportunity for people to find the information online.

Tuesdays – This is going to be family day. I’m going to share what I know about the various surnames I’m tracing. This will start with Phillips, Berryman and Reed.

Wednesdays – This is one that is going to be the hardest as it’s the most “content-rich”. This is all going to be about discoveries made while doing genealogy research, how I do my research, how I organize my research, etc. It’s definitely the most time intensive of all 5, but hopefully will also be the most interesting.

Thursdays – I’m going to be doing a “rolling” calendar of genealogy / family history events. I’m hoping to include many on the Tennessee and Kentucky area, but also will include online webinars, national conferences and more.

Fridays – I read a lot about genealogy and family history and see a lot of different links on the topics. This will be my opportunity to share that information.

If you want to follow along, feel free to go check out the other blog —

Love genealogy? Go check out my new blog

So, for a whole bunch of reasons (some yet to be announced), I decided to create a new blog for all my genealogy content. You can find the first post here — where I talk about my recent trip to Iowa.

My goal for that blog is to start posting about 5 days a week, so get ready for lots of great content!

This blog isn’t going anywhere, but I felt like the genealogy stuff deserved a home of its own.

The blog URL is

Getting a DAR application together

One of my projects for this year is to put together an application for Daughters of the American Revolution.

This is a little tricky because I’m eligible for DAR through my father’s line. There are actually two patriots that I’m related to. Because of the adoption when I was three where my birth certificate was changed and my father was listed as John Robert Reed, this is a little tricky. I have to collect evidence that shows I am the daughter of Vernon Benton Leonard.

If Lee were still alive this would be a little easier because he could submit an affidavit that I’m his daughter.

I also have to provide other evidence that links Vernon (Lee) to his ancestors.

The following is the list of things I need:

  1. Dated copy of Lee’s obituary where I’m listed as his daughter
  2. Affidavit from my half-brother confirming Lee as my father.
  3. Certified copy of Lee’s death certificate.
  4. Death certificate for Lee’s father — Vernon Benton Phillips — from California.
  5. Death certificate for Amos Williams Phillips — Lee’s grandfather — from Oklahoma.

There may be other secondary things I need to prove my link to Lee.

The cool thing is that once I get Lee certified as a descendant of a patriot, my half-sister and half-brother could also use that. While my brother obviously isn’t eligible for Daughters of the American Revolution, he has a daughter and granddaughters who could apply in the future.

All the 2nd greats

Over the past couple of months, I’ve written blog posts about all of my 2nd great grandparents. There are 16 of them, and I’m excited that I have basic information on all 16.

I’m not quite as prepared to write posts on the 3rd greats. I have basic information for about 20 of the 32 3rd great grandparents. For some, of course, I have more information than others.

The most interesting thing is that apart from a few exceptions, most of my 3rd greats on the Phillips side were here in the US for most of their lives and most of my 3rd greats on the Berryman side were in England / Wales / Europe for most of their lives.

On the Phillips side, I have many 4th & 5th greats that were pre-Revolutionary in the United States — including a few that were patriots in the Revolutionary War.

My ancestors: Fredrick Holl

Fredrick Holl is the 2nd great grandfather that I know the least about. He was born sometime in 1858 (maybe April) in Prussia. When he was a teenager, he came to the United States and at roughly age 25 he married Carolina Lindor. They had 6 children — 5 daughters and 1 son. He died sometime after 1930.

Over the years in Wisconsin, he looks to have worked various jobs, including a coach cleaner on the railroad, a factory worker and a farmer.