My first week in my 40s

I have officially been 40 for a week. It hasn’t been a great week. 

After two weeks straight of gym-induced muscle pain, my body & it’s crazy auto-immune, Fibromyalgia craziness finally complained and knocked me on my butt. 

I felt pretty good on Sunday and went and picked up veggies from my CSA and did a little grocery shopping. Later that evening, I started to develop a bit of a headache but really didn’t think much of it. 

On Monday, I was miserable. I was having problems with my neck, I was feverish and flushed, I had a really bad headache and overall I just felt icky. I cancelled my appointment at the gym and also didn’t go to a post-PodCamp Nashville debrief meeting I was supposed to attend. I wound up taking a bit evening nap. 

Tuesday was much of the same. Headache, neck pain, general all-over achiness, and just feeling icky. 

Wednesday was similar. I finished work around 6 pm on Wednesday evening and almost immediately went to sleep. I woke up a couple of times throughout the night, but pretty much slept from 6 pm Wednesday until 8 am Thursday. 

The good news is that long slumber and basically taking it *very* easy all week did the trick. On Thursday evening, I started to feel better. On Friday I felt pretty good, too. I went to go my chiropractor and got my neck adjusted. 

I was a bit cranky on Saturday, so I spent the day taking care of some things around my apartment that I had been putting off for a bit (like taking down my Christmas lights). 

My plans for Sunday revolved around going down to Franklin to see my nephew play a soccer game. I also did some laundry on Sunday and got a mailing for work ready to go. 

Here’s hoping my second week in my 40s is better than my first.