52&7 Challenge

I’ve never been great at resolutions. I tend to have ADD in my life when it comes to making changes. But, I’ve recently noticed that I do really well at challenges that are broken down in to 1 – 2 month increments. They keep me fired up and they’re fungible. 

I was excited yesterday when I read about Jon Acuff’s plan to do a 52&7 challenge for the New Year — instead of making resolutions. 

Basically, the year is broken down into 7 52-day segments (a little under 6 weeks). For each segment, you get to reevaluate your goals, decide which ones are now habits, decide which ones aren’t working and add any new ones for the next 52-day segment. 

This is what I’ve come up with for my first 52-day segment: 

Pay at least $1000 extra towards debt.
Spend time each day looking for ways to declutter and give away unused items

Bike – minimum 30 minutes per work day in home office
Workout at gym twice a week

Leave apartment 4 days out of the week
Find 1 way to connect with crochet community in Nashville

Read at least two books per week (1 of ever 5 should be non-fiction)
Write at least 500 words per week not related to blogging

Attend at least 2 networking events per month (4 total for 52 day challenge)
Publish 10 blog posts per week (at least one on company blog)

Read one book related to spirituality (to be determined)