We helped build this windmill #goodmisfit

Today in Gambella, a windmill was raised into the sky. Tomorrow, it will get turned on.

You helped build this windmill …

If you donated, you helped build this windmill …

If you thought good thoughts that I would reach my fundraising goal, you helped build this windmill …

If you liked or commented on a post about the #goodmisfit project, you helped build this windmill …

Because of you, a whole community will be changed forever by this windmill.

Thanks to everyone who donated to the windmill project

Thank you!

When I first heard about the windmill fundraising project that AJ Leon was putting together, I wanted to sign up but I just wasn’t sure.

I knew that my month was going to be pretty chaotic — starting with a trip to Fargo for the Misfit Conference and then the big move up to Clarksville. I knew that I wouldn’t have time to pester folks to donate, and so I wasn’t sure if I would be able reach the targeted amount.

After attending the Misfit Conference, I was still struggling with whether or not to sign up. I exchanged a few emails with Jessie and then finally thought up a plan and gave her the go-ahead to list me as a good misfit.

Today is the final day of the month, and so far I’ve raised $435. Overall, the project has reached its goal of $15,000 to build a windmill in Africa and any extra money will now go to help complete other projects needed by the community.

It’s not too late to make a donation. I would love to make my personal fundraising goal of $500 (I’m at $435 now), and I will send you some crocheted loveliness.