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More About Ehlers-Danlos

Way back in January (three months ago to the day), I had an idea of writing a bunch of posts that would serve as a backstory about some of my health issues. I did one post and then got sidetracked with work and other things. Here’s post #2 about me and Ehlers-Danlos.

I could go in to a long story about what Ehlers-Danlos was like in my college years, and there definitely were a lot of ups and downs (literally). During my Freshman and Sophomore year, it wasn’t all that bad. It definitely limited my activities, and I certainly had plenty of dislocations and falls, but overall felt mostly okay. Right before my junior year, I had a bike accident that made my knee troubles and Ehlers-Danlos issues a huge part of my college experience.

My rough junior year was one of the main reasons I had to leave college after my junior year. I had plans to go back to school, but due to medical bills and the debt I accumulated going to the college I did, I haven’t made it back yet.