Month: June 2012

First juicing experiment

Finally put my new juicer to work today. The general plan is to substitute a meal or two a day with either juice or a smoothie … we’ll see how it goes. 

For the first experiment, I needed to use watermelon. Mostly out of necessity. While putting away the groceries, I had dropped the watermelon and needed to use part of it before it went bad. 

Kris Carr over at recommends 3 to 1 veggies to fruits ratio. I thought I would try 2:1 and see how that went. I did spinach, watermelon and celery. 

Learned a few things — lots of spinach doesn’t really makes lots of juice and very little watermelon makes a lot of juice. The other thing I learned, celery takes over the taste of that juice combination. 

I made it halfway through the juice before I went in and juiced an apple in to the mix. Celery, spinach, watermelon and an apple is a pretty tasty combination.